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Marie McDonough Hayes horrible elevator accident

Dianne & Tom Dowd recently visited the Worcester Public Library in search of some death notices for their family research when they happened across the Worcester Telegram January 8, 1928 front page story: Miss Marie McDonough, 18, and companion, plunge four stories in elevator shaft at New Rochelle.

The article recounts how Marie McDonough (later Hayes) had a horrible accident her freshman year at college. Marie was the daughter of Patrick McDonough (the only son of Thomas & Mary's 10 children). While Marie survived the fall, finished college (albeit at a different school) married, had children, and lived a long life - she did bear the physical scars of her accident.

Unfortunately, her friend, Frances Covey, was not as lucky as we learn in the January 12, 1928 Massina Observer article: Massena girl killed in plunge down shaft

- Lawsuit articles after the accident


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