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Jack Barry's Wikipedia Page Project

My brother Conal sent me an email last week pointing me toward our great-uncle, Jack Barry's, wikipedia page. Wikipedia is a free, online encyclopedia that is collaboratively written and maintained by volunteers.

While it is great that a page has been dedicated to Jack Barry and his baseball career, the article itself is skimpy and as Conal pointed out to me - has some inaccuracies. This was the section he pointed me toward:
He played in the World Series in 1915 and 1916 for the Red Sox. Acknowledged as the team's on-field leader, he became a player-manager in 1917, leading the team to a 90-win season and a second-place finish to the Chicago White Sox. After sporadic play in 1918, he decided to retire rather than be sold away in another fire sale following Harry Frazee's decision to sell his shortstop back to the Athletics.
No mention is made of why he was only available for "sporadic play" in 1918 - he had enlisted in the army for WWI (along with many other players that year).

There is a lot more information about Jack Barry that can be added to the page and I propose launching a Jack Barry Wikipedia page project where we can be the volunteers to update, edit, and make the page much more accurate and complete. If you are interested in helping with this effort, please take a few moments to read the current version of the page and let me know what other information you feel is missing.

I think we should be able to create a much better page to honor Jack's memory!


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