Look up Deedy in Websters Dictionary and you will see the following definition - \Deed"y\, a. Industrious; active. [R.] --Cowper. But to me Deedy is simply my last name and not a very common one at that. My Father always said "find yourself in a strange city? Open a phone book, find a Deedy and give them a call - chances are they are a relative." So, for all the Deedy's out there hello and welcome.

Guessing my great-grandfather's age in this old photo

Among the photos found in great-aunt Mae's apartment was this portrait of her father, Edward B. Deedy (or before he changed his name - Edmund B. Deady). Pin-pointing just when this photo was taken is a bit difficult (as always, click on photo to view larger). It does have the stamp of a Worcester photography studio (Park Studio Cor. of Main & Park Sts Worcester Mass). Since it is just Edward in the photo, likely this was taken prior to his marriage to Johanna Donovan on November 8, 1899. According to his October 17, 1899 Naturalization paperwork, he had been a resident of the United States for at least five years.

It is possible that Edward arrived in the US on May 11, 1891, since an Edm'd Deady was passenger #410 on the S.S. Pavonia according to this record. However, Edward shared his name with a cousin who also immigrated from Ireland to Worcester around this same time - so I can't be 100% sure this record belongs to my Edmund Deady.

Looking at the photo, he is clearly a young man, but how young? He played a bit fast and loose when declaring his age on various documents - but he reported that he was born in 1875. So if this photo was taken about 1899 he would have been 24 years old.


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