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What the 1910 Census reveals about the McDonough family

By the 1910 Census, we see the McDonough family prospering. Mary Loftus McDonough has finally finished with child birth and can now count 10 surviving children. In 1910 their ages ranged from 30 years old down to 8 years old. Most of whom are still residing together under the same roof.
1910 United State Federal Census

Address: 1 View Street

McDonough, Thomas, 55
------ , Mary, 52
------ , Catherine J, 27
------ , Margaret F., 24
------ , Sadie W., 24
------ , Anne G., 20
------ , Louise M., 19
------ , Agnes V., 16
------ , Eva V., 14
------ , Grace, 8

Both Thomas & Mary McDonough note: 1st Marriage, Married 31 years

Mary McDonough has given birth to 11 children, 10 who survived

Both Thomas & Mary give the year of immigration as 1876.

Thomas is a naturalized citizen.

Thomas' occupation is "Helper" in "Iron Foundry"
Catherine's occupation is "Teacher" in "Public School"
Margaret's occupation is "Stenographer" in "Office"
Sadie's occupation is "Saleslady" in "Dept. Store"

Thomas is noted as the owner of a mortgaged home - 1 View Street

This is the second time we see Thomas McDonough noted as the owner of a home. I will have to check up on 226 Vernon Street and see who is now living there - given that the McDonough's have moved up to the larger and newer View Street home. The McDonough girls are also seen as growing up and working in different careers. These young ladies are not going off to work in the many Worcester factories or being employed as domestics or servants. Instead they are working in occupations that take some education and skill to obtain. They also appear not to be rushing into marriages. They are career girls first, marriages and children will come later.

Thomas McDonough's occupation intrigues me. His son-in-law Michael O'Leary, who is also living at 1 View Street with his young family, is a manager of an iron foundry. I wonder if Thomas' occupation as "Helper" is in that same iron foundry?


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