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What the 1900 Census reveals about the McDonough family

By 1900 Thomas and Mary McDonough are home owners and have progressed from one child in the 1880 census to 9 children by 1900.

1900 United State Federal Census

Address: 226 Vernon Street

McDonough, Thos. (b. Aug 1857) 42
------ , Mary A (b. Aug 1859) 40
------ , Mary E (b. Jul 1878) 21
------ , Patrick T (b. Nov 1880) 19
------ , Catherine J (b. Aug 1882) 17
------ , Margaret (b. Apr 1885) 15
------ , Sarah W (b. Apr 1885) 15
------ , Annie (b. Nov 1888) 12
------ , Louise (b. Mar 1890) 10
------ , Agnes (b. June 1893) 6
------ , Eva (b. Jan 1896) 4
Loftus, Patrick (b. May 1830) 70

Patrick Loftus is noted as "F in law" to Head of House and is marked as a Widower

Thomas McDonough immigrated in 1873, has been in the US for 27 years. He is a naturalized citizen
Mary A. McDonough immigrated in 1874, has been in the US for 26 years.
Patrick Loftus immigrated in 1879, has been in the US for 21 years. He is an alien citizen

Thomas McDonough lists his occupation as "Teamster"
Mary E. McDonough lists her occupation as "Saleswoman"

Patrick Loftus has marked "No" in Can Read and "No" in Can Write and "Yes" in Speaks English

Thomas McDonough owns the home at 226 Vernon Street and holds a mortgage on the home
But the most excited bit of info in this census record is the addition of Patrick Loftus to the McDonough household. Patrick must be Mary A. McDonough's father. His record notes that he immigrated to the US in 1879, just five years after his daughter. Where has Patrick been living all this time? What was he doing? How long did he live with Thomas and Mary McDonough? When did he die? In what city? Where is he buried?

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