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What the 1880 Census reveals about the McDonough family

I have been following Thomas and Mary McDonough in the available US Census reports. They first appear in the 1880 Census. Below are some interesting little insights about this young family gleaned from the few short pieces of information noted:

1880 United State Federal Census

They were living on a street titled "No Name to Street - Corporate Houses".

Five people are noted together as a household:
McDonough, Tho's - age 28
McDonough, Mary - age 25
McDonough, Mary E - age 1
Mattamoore, Michael - age 28
Mattamoore, Barrey - age 24

The two Mattamoore men give their relationship to head of house as "Boarder"

Thomas McDonough and the two Mattamoore men list their occupations as "Works in Rolling Mill"

Mary McDonough has tick marks in the columns "Cannot read" and "Cannot write"

Mary McDonough lists her place of birth as "England" everyone else lists "Ireland" except Mary E. who lists "Massachusetts"
So from these few pieces of information I am already starting to get a picture of how ambitious Thomas and Mary were. Even living in "corporate houses" they were entrepreneurial enough to rent an extra room to a pair of brothers. Likely Mary did the housework for all three men while caring for her young daughter. Interesting to note that this photo of the young family was taken the same year as the above census facts were recorded. A small peek into their lives in 1880 in Worcester, MA.


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  1. # Anonymous Tom Quinn

    Jane: This is very interesting. Whenever anyone in my mother's family visited the McDonough homestead in Ballyfarnan, they always met with a woman named Mary Ellen Mattimore (sometimes spelled Mattimoe). I met her about 15 t=years ago when I visited. Could she be a descendant of these "Mattimoores?"  

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