Look up Deedy in Websters Dictionary and you will see the following definition - \Deed"y\, a. Industrious; active. [R.] --Cowper. But to me Deedy is simply my last name and not a very common one at that. My Father always said "find yourself in a strange city? Open a phone book, find a Deedy and give them a call - chances are they are a relative." So, for all the Deedy's out there hello and welcome.

Sign of Jack Barry still visible in Shrewsbury house

Jack & Margaret McDonough Barry built their dream home in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. My Father has many fond memories of visiting the couple in their gracious home.

Here are some black&white photos of Jack and Margaret and their home my Father took during a visit in 1959 (we think).

On March 24, 2008 my Father and I stopped by the old Barry house in Shrewsbury, MA and took these photos. The wooden shutters with the custom detail of crossed baseball bats and ball are still there. Nice to see a lingering bit of Jack and Margaret's dream left its mark on the home.


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