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What the 1910 Census reveals about the O'Leary family

Thomas & Mary McDonough's eldest daughter, Mary Elizabeth McDonough, who was just an infant in the 1880 census, is now a married lady and young mother in the 1910 census. She can be seen as an infant here and as a young matron here. By the time the second photo was taken she was already Mary Elizabeth McDonough O'Leary, and while grown up and a mother herself, she was still close to her own mother and siblings - at least physically from what the census record reveals:
1910 United State Federal Census

Five people are noted together as a household:
O'Leary, Michael T - age 34
O'Leary, Mary E - age 30
O'Leary, Thomas B - age 4
O'Leary, Marion E - age 2/12
Rhinehold, Steena - age 19

They all live at 1 View Street, Worcester, MA (along with Thomas & Mary McDonough and the many McDonough children)

Michael T. O'Leary lists his occupation as "Manager" of "Iron Foundry"
Steena Rhinehold gives her relationship to head of house as "Servant"
Steena Rhinehold lists her occupation as "Servant" of "Private Family"
What a difference 30 years can make. As a young mother Mary O'Leary had a live-in servant - a luxury her mother likely never dreamed of having when she was living in "corporate houses" and raising her young daughter along with boarders.


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