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Jack Barry used World Series money to buy car

Another Jack Barry article found - this one also mentions the O'Leary's.
Boston Daily Globe
November 28, 1911


Jack Barry of the Athletics Drives With His Wife to Worcester in New Machine - Is to Run a Garage.

WORCESTER, Nov 1 - In a new automobile, which he purchased with part of his share of the prize money resulting from the World's Series of baseball games, "Jack" Barry shortstop of the Philadelphia Athletics arrived in Worcester tonight with Mrs Barry to take up their home in a new flat on Vernon St.

So sure was Barry that the Athletics would win the series that he placed the order for the auto before the games were started and the day after the final game, which gave his team the championship, he had the machine delivered.

Coming to Worcester with Mrs Barry the couple made a short stay in Barry's old home in Meriden, Conn. They left there this forenoon and arrived tonight about 8 at the home of Mrs M.T. O'Leary, Mrs Barry's sister, with whom they will stay until their own home is ready.

Barry has invested money in a garage to which he will devote his time until ordered to report to Connie Mack next Spring.
I wonder if that Vernon street apartment was in the home owned by Thomas and Mary McDonough?

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