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Baptism Record of Suzanne Austin

My niece Priscilla has been very helpful in translating the recently discovered baptismal record for my great-grandmother, Suzanne (Susie) Austin Sullivan. Here is her transcription of the original french and the translation:
French rewritten so you can actually read it:

Le vingt deux prêtre souligné ai baptisé Suzanne, née le dix neuf (en courant ( ?) ) le légitime mariage de William Margaret Françoise ( ?) ...Parrain Patrick Maloney, qui n'a pas signé, Marraine Margaret Hoare (?)...avec le père.

Which roughly translates to:

The 22 September...(probably something to do with where the parish is, judging by contemporary baptismal entries, which you should know by where you got it from...) ...I, the undersigned priest, baptized Suzanna, born the 19th (as a result of (?) something like that) the legitimate/legal marriage of William Austin...(probably his occupation)......and Margaret Françoise (not sure about this name)...(probably something to do with being a witness?)...the Godfather Patrick Maloney, who didn't sign, Godmother Margaret Hoare (?) (signed (?) ) with the father.

Then comes the godmother and the father's signatures...the last signature is probably the priest's...

As you can see in the image (click on image to see larger) of the baptism record, it is very difficult to read. But Suzanne's parents are William Austin and Margaret Corrigan (not Francoise). I wish we could make out William's occupation. If anyone else knows french and can make it out, I would appreciate further help with the translation!


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