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View Street deed restrictions

Thomas and Mary McDonough purchased two lots on View Street in Worcester and ultimately built two homes on those lots - 1 View Street and 3 View Street. 1 View Street was the home that proved how successful this couple had become. According to the Worcester Assessing page the home has over 5,000 sq ft of living space. When you look at a photo of the house, you can see that this home was built to be Thomas and Mary's own castle. On the uphill view of the home you can also see that the structure is four stories tall (with a full basement below). 3 View street next door is three stories tall. This is interesting to note since it seems to contradict the restrictions found in the deed Thomas and Mary signed when purchasing the View Street lots.
Granted premises are conveyed subject to the restrictions that no building of more than two and one half stories, or of the type commonly known as a "three decker" shall ever be erected thereon, that no building shall ever be erected within fifteen (15) feet of said southerly line of said View Street and that no barn shall ever be erected on any part of granted premises.


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