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Jack Barry inducted in the College Baseball Hall of Fame

Yesterday John "Jack" Barry former Holy Cross coach and former Red Sox and Athletic's baseball player was inducted into the College Baseball Hall of Fame in Lubbock, Texas. Thomas Deedy was onhand to accept the honor on behalf of the family as well as Holy Cross College.

Inaugural Veterans Class Inducted into College Baseball Hall of Fame
The inaugural Veterans Class of the National College Baseball Hall of Fame was inducted this morning in a ceremony held in Lubbock, Texas. Jack Barry of Holy Cross, Lou Gehrig of Columbia, Christy Mathewson of Bucknell and Joe Sewell of Alabama comprised the class.

Barry, a player and later coach at Holy Cross, coached the Crusaders for 39 seasons, including a College World Series title in 1952. Representing Barry in the ceremony, which was conducted as part of the “Hall of Fame Showcase” at City Bank Texas, was his nephew, Mr. Tom Deedy. A video speech was played from Ron Perry, former Holy Cross athletic director and a player for Barry on the ’52 national champions, in which he spoke of Barry.

“Jack Barry stressed the fundamentals and he demanded that we be mentally alert at all times,” Perry said. “He did not hesitate to replace a player who was not attentive.”

Today an additional 11 players and coaches were also inducted. You can read more about the festivities here: Players enter Hall with former coaches
Four veterans (pre-1947) inductees were also honored during the week’s festivities — John “Jack” Barry from Holy Cross (1905-08, player; 1921-60, coach), Lou Gehrig from Columbia (1922-24), Christy Mathewson from Bucknell (1898-1900) and Joe Sewell (1918-20, player; 1964-69, coach).


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