Look up Deedy in Websters Dictionary and you will see the following definition - \Deed"y\, a. Industrious; active. [R.] --Cowper. But to me Deedy is simply my last name and not a very common one at that. My Father always said "find yourself in a strange city? Open a phone book, find a Deedy and give them a call - chances are they are a relative." So, for all the Deedy's out there hello and welcome.

In honor of the first McDonough comment...

Mary Kennedy Dean of Scituate, MA left a comment this evening. She is the granddaughter of Katherine McDonough Kennedy who was my grandmother's (Grace McDonough Deedy) older sister. In honor of the first McDonough comment I thought I would post some more McDonough photos from the photo album.

This is the info I have regarding the McDonough Family:
Thomas McDonough (d. 12/7/1913 Steel Mill worker, accidently electrocuted) and his wife Mary Loftus McDonough (d. 8/30/1948) and their ten children. Mary H. McDonough O'Leary (1878-1934), Patrick (Uncle Mac) McDonough (d. 8/6/1952), Sadie McDonough Ahern (Died in childbirth her mother raised her children), Agnes McDonough Thompson (Married a Corp. Lawyer, NYC, 3 boys Leslie, Ted & John), Ann McDonough Fay (Funeral home owner, Worcester, 3 children, Jim, Bill & Nancy), Katherine McDonough Kennedy (Construction), Margaret McDonough Barry (Baseball), Louise McDonough McCarthy (4 children), Eva McDonough Burgess (NYC, 3 children), Grace R. McDonough Deedy (1902-1985 homemaker, 4 boys). The family lived in 1 View Street, Worcester, MA
If you have additional info to add (dates would be great) or just stories about any of the McDonoughs in the list please leave a comment!


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  1. # Blogger Mary

    I love sharing info!

    Thomas McDonough b. 10/6/1853 in Sligo, Ireland (f=Patrick, m=Mary Mullaney) married Mary Morley Loftus b. 1856 in England (f=Patrick Loftus, m=Mary Morley)

    Their children: 1.Mary(aunt Mame), b. 1879 m. Thomas O'Leary 2 children: 2.Thomas and Marion. Patrick Thomas (P.T.) b 1880 married Mary Gallagher 2 children: Marie & Evelyn.3. Katherine J. b. 8/5/1882 m. Maurice Kennedy 2 children: Thomas and MaryJane. 4. Margaret McDonough (Aunt Ma) b. 4/14/1885 m. Jack Barry. 5.Sara b. 4/14/1885 married Albert Ahern 3 children: Albert, Elizabeth, Francis 6.Ann married James Fay 3 children: James, Nancy, William 7 Louise b. 3/15/1891 married Michael McCarthy 4 children: Thomas V., Robert, Marie and Margaret. 8. Agnes b. 1893 married Leslie Thompson 3 children: Leslie, Edward, John.9 Eva b. 12/30/1897 married Harold Burgess 3 children: Bill, Betty and Dorothy

    I will definitely scan and email a picture to you of Thomas and Mary Morley with their first child ca. 1880.

    Best regards, Mary (  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Interesting information. Thanks!

    We are Deedys. Our ancestor (John Deedy) came to this country from County Kilkenny in 1863, I believe, when he was 19 (and he survived the famine as an infant which is also interesting). I've done internet searches and have found more Deedys in Kilkenny.

    We're in CT.

  3. # Blogger dolsgirl

    I would love if you could send me a picture of the McDonough women. My paternal grandmother is Louise McDonough McCarthy. I've got tears in my eyes reading all of this. She died in 1950 & I was born to Robert & Jane (Quinn) McCarthy in 1953. Dad was the third of the four children. Oldest was Margaret, Peg McCarthy Rafferty who is in her eighties & lives in West Falmouth. She has nine children mostly on the Cape. Mary Rafferty Ryder lives in Mashpee & Martha Rafferty Cunningham lives in Flamouth & had worked on a small paper from that area. She has five daughters and four sons. One son is Dr. Michael Rafferty who works as a doctor & professor @ Emory University. His wife, Kathleen Toomey is a mucky muck @ the Centers for Disease Control. I think that Peg has most of my paternal grandmothers things as she was the only surviving daughter. I don't expect to ever see them as she has five daughters. Louise & Michael Aloysius McCarthy also had a son name Thomas McCarthy that died several years ago in one of the Virginia's. He had been a pharmacist for the military for his career in Bethesda Maryland. His widow, Mary McCarthy is still alive. Marie McCarthy Halpin was the youngest child & died @ about age 50 after fighting breast cancer for many years. Her widower, Harry Halpin, remarried and lives in the general Worcester area. I don't even have his address. They had two children, Mary Halpin & David Halpin. The children continue to live in the Halpin family home in Leicester, MA. If I could be of further assistance please let me know. Katie Dolan; AKA: Kathleen Louise McCarthy,  

  4. # Blogger dolsgirl

    I'm sorry to be such a babbler but I just also came across the Fay name. We're also related to the Fay's that own the funeral homes & I even wonder if I had ever met you @ a funeral. I went to a couple out of the Fay's. I don't see the name O'Brian and my Dad's best friend was named Obie. They were in WWII together but on different ships but in the Pacific. He as able to see Obie a couple of times due to that. Obie whose real name doesn't come to me now, died around January 1998. It was about six monthss after my mother died.  

  5. # Blogger Paul

    More information from the Patrick McDonough/Uncle Mack side -

    Until Nana died in 1948 we would drive up there most Sundays for lunch. In addition to Nana, my grandfather, who at that time lived at One View, my mother, me, my brother Dave (who died 1980) and my sister Patty, Aunt Kate and Uncle Morris (Kennedy), Aunty Ma' and Uncle Jack (Barry), Aunt Grace and Uncle John (Deedy) were also there.

    Aunt Lou and Uncle Bob (Rafferty) lived on the top floor so they were there, too.

    I remember Nana as somewhat of a tyrant. At any rate, my attempts to take part in the conversation were always blocked with "Children should be seen but not heard."

    In the baseball season everybody would then huddle around the radio to listen to the Red Sox game, which was serious business at One View.

    When Aunt Lou (Rafferty) died my grandfather was living with us in Milford. But I often dropped into Uncle Bob's office to see him while I was at Holy Cross (58 - 62). He ran the dining hall at the College.

    And, yes, those wakes at the Fays, I remember them well. "God is good" is one phrase that sticks in my mind.

    By the way, Nana had a sister Jenny whose married name was Goldsmith. I recall going to her wake at her home, but I don't recall exactly where or when that was, although I doubt it was any later than 1950, give or take.


  6. # Anonymous Katie Dolan

    Oh Paul! Boy do I remember my mother saying the "children should be seen & not heard". My grandfather, Michael Aloyisius McCarthy also worked w/the dining issue @ Holy Cross...the best brownies...yummy...keep in touch. Katie Dolan/AKA: Kathleen Louise McCarthy  

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