Look up Deedy in Websters Dictionary and you will see the following definition - \Deed"y\, a. Industrious; active. [R.] --Cowper. But to me Deedy is simply my last name and not a very common one at that. My Father always said "find yourself in a strange city? Open a phone book, find a Deedy and give them a call - chances are they are a relative." So, for all the Deedy's out there hello and welcome.

Are there any famous Deedy's?

I would not say that there are any "famous" Deedy's, however there are notable Deedy's. One such notable is Carmen Agra Deedy who is a children's book author and occasional NPR contributor. She is the ex-wife of one of my many, many, many cousins in the South East U.S.

Another notable (as well as another author) is my Uncle Jack or John G. Deedy, Jr. My favorite book of his is "Your Aging Parents" about how many of the middle aged find themselves caring for those who cared for them. This book is really about my Uncle Jack and my Grandparents, but also deals well with the universal issue of children having to parent the parent. It is out of print, but used copies are still circulating if you look for them.

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    My name is deedy and if you look at you will find more famous deedy's.  

  2. # Blogger Ceitidh

    Well, my maiden name is McCarthy but we're cousins of you Deedy's. Jack Deedy & Rosie were my parents best friends! Bob & Jane McCarthy who grew up in Worcester and moved to the Springfield, MA area to work. My uncle, Joe Rafferty's father owned a scrap metal business in Worcester that my father's older sister, Peg, Margaret married. She's in her eighties now & resides on Cape Cod. Please contact me @ & be very specific in your subject line. Katie, AKA: Kathleen Louise McCarthy  

  3. # Blogger dolsgirl

    I just wanted to clarify that my moniker is dolsgirl. For some reason the other two blog posts went in under a name, "Ceitidh" which I didn't notice until after I posted the second. I have no idea who that is. dolsgirl/Katie/Kathleen Louise McCarthy  

  4. # Blogger dolsgirl

    I was reminiscing about my parents & it wasn't Jack Deedy it was Eddie Deedy & Rosie Deedy. I can't remember Rosie's maiden name, she had three sisters & her father was a doctor. Katie/Kathleen Louise McCarthy  

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